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Hey Friends, If Chemistry was your favorite subject then Science chemistry for kids is the perfect game for you. There are tons of different science experiments with instructions that you can do right at home easily. In this Science chemistry game, kids learn interesting science facts by experimenting with different types of equipment like aluminum, bowl, magnet, mint gum, thread, gas lighter, ethanol, calcium chloride, machine, pipe, balloon, air pump, candle, spoon, vinegar and much more. Here you'll find a lot of experiments like to check the magnetic fields of a magnet when passed through different material pipes, observe the reaction between cold drinks and mint gum, learn to serve tea from the teapot without lifting it and much more. Play and enjoy this Science chemistry for kids game and share it with all your friends and family members.

Fun with more Experiments:

- Demonstrate different colors of fire
- Clean copper pan using vinegar and salt
- Insert a needle in a balloon without popping it
- Make fire extinguisher using baking soda and vinegar
- See why breakfast cereals get attracted to a magnet

Key Feature:

- Complete each level to unlock the next level of science experiment
- The aim will be shown before the experiment so kids can understand what the experiment is about
- The conclusions at the end of each game will help you understand the motive of the experiment
- Very simple and fun to perform

Warning: Kids should not perform these experiments without adult supervision

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